Vehicle Country Flag Stickers and Other Overland Stickers.

We provide top quality vinyl overland country stickers & decals for use on Motorbikes Cars, 4×4’s, Rv’s and Expedition Trucks ​from Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.. We supply the flags for all countries of the world.

Country Flags

Vehicle Country Flag Stickers and Other Overland Stickers

All the official flags of the world are here. Country flags from Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America. Each set has a single copy of each flag. On the Americas set theres a single Canadian flag and a single American flag and so forth all the way down to Argentina. The same applies to the other continents as the sets are arranged as continents in alphabetical country flag order (almost).  The stickers have been collated, edited and produced a vector based image file with all the Sovereign States flags on. All 193 flags plus the two Observer States flags so 195 in total. 

Overland Stickers

We produced an extras sheet with a few other requests and filled the spaces with Overland Sphere stickers. More sheets are now being made with other things on like US States, Canadian Provinces, English Counties and the little (or not so little) unofficial countries flags.

Sticker Specification

The country flag stickers and indeed all the stickers we produce are all made using the same premium exterior grade waterproof and weatherproof vinyl. They should not come off your vehicle by accident if applied correctly and they should last years and years. If you happen to lose one, either by damage or from children’s “sticky fingers” then we can replace it at a small cost so your journey will always be complete.

Our stickers are designed and tested to go on the outside of vehicles whether you are an overlander, a camper or caravan tourist. The high tack versions are suitable for sticking to the white plastic exterior used for many caravans and motorhomes.

All the flag stickers we supply are made using premium grade polymeric calendered self-adhesive vinyl which is then laminated. For the purists among you the aspect ratios are not the official ones as most flags have the same dimensions and this is, including the white border, 66mm wide and 51mm tall. The flag itself is typically 60mm wide and 35mm tall inside the border. This does not include the lettering or border and all the rectangular flags are this 60x35mm. They will fit under the rear capping on a Land Rover Defender on the vertical bodywork . The flag stickers are suitable for sticking to painted vehicles and should not damage paint although fade marks might be visible depending on how long they are left on. The dimensions of the fuel sticker is shown on the product pages.