Sticker Application

Application of your Overland Stickers & Flags

​​To apply the stickers, simply peel them off the backing and stick on a clean surface. Full adhesion is achieved after approximately 24 hours at normal temperatures. They must be applied with a surface temperature above +5°C and below +60°C (this is VERY important and its recommended to be above 10°C). The surface should be clean, smooth, dust and grease free. Its is recommended that you do not drive for as long as possible after application to allow the adhesive to achieve full adhesion. Application at slightly higher temps seems to speed adhesion.

The stickers are not designed to go over rivets or sharp radius curves or adhere to plastic like the type use in caravans and RVs* (see High Tack section). The stickers should remain perfect at temperatures from -30°C to +110°C but may shrink slightly (<0.3mm) at temperatures in excess of 70°C. Planning where you are going to put them is obviously a matter of personal choice but think about it carefully. Although they are repositionable, it is NOT recommended.

The service temperature of the vinyl is -30°C to 110°C so it should be fine on the side of any truck. It is intended for this purpose unlike competitors products. These stickers are premium quality and designed and manufactured to go on the side of your vehicle in extreme environments.

Adhesion to glass is 28Nm after 24 Hours. This is typical of good vehicle stickers so they should not come off your bodywork accidentally. They must be carefully applied to a clean surface to ensure this. Edge damage may enable water to get under so careful initial application is a must. Remove the sticker from the backing sheet by its trailing vehicle edge and even then have clean washed hands.

The stickers are tested for vehicle fire safety and pass many commercial approvals for rail vehicles and goods vehicles. They are as safe as they should be.

High Tack

All stickers are now produced on High Tack Adhesive suitable for low energy plastics, such as the type used on RVs and Caravans. Please see Data Sheet (opens PDF). Please note this is the best product we can use but you MUST satisfy yourself that it is suitable for your needs by reading the Data Sheet (opens PDF).

The high tack adhesive of MD5-H-B has been developed to apply to ‘difficult to stick to’ surfaces, smooth low energy plastics such as PE and PP, and for interior wall décor applications . The product gives the additional assurance of the high bond adhesive with the MD5 series film. MD5-H-B delivers outstanding print performance through the combination of Metamark’s distinctive coating technology, and high performance grade polymeric calendered film. (For use on smooth, sealed interior walls – refer to the Wallcoverings application guide.)​

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NOTE: We still warn about low energy plastic. Careful surface preparation is recommended. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND STICKING TO LOW ENERGY PLASTICS. THIS IS YOUR RISK !!!!