Sticker Removal

Removal of your Overland Stickers & Flags

The stickers are based on a Medium-Long Term adhesive and might be difficult to remove after a long period.

To remove them it helps to use a hairdryer or hot air blower to gently heat the sticker. This enables them to be peeled off by hand. The vinyl is designed to be removable.

On glass a scraper can be used but on paintwork the edge of a credit card can be used so as to avoid damaging the paintwork. I find it’s easier to just to use a finger nail.

In my experience no marks are left upon removal but this cannot be assured. I waxed the area after removal and it was as good as new. The stickers were on my truck for a couple of years and were “baked on” so it took a while to remove them with a hot air blower. Your paint could fade around the sticker.

Use white spirit or Isopropanol to remove residue glue but paying careful attention to the solvent compatibility with the surface in question. Solvents only assist in removal as the adhesive is actually solvent resistant.