Country Flag Stickers for my Vehicle? I have a Question !


My order arrived but it’s not at all what I expected. What can I do?
Oh no, we’re sorry to hear that. Contact us, let us know what the problem is. If we can fix it, we will.

My order has arrived damaged.
We’re very sorry to hear about this – please contact us and we’ll sort it out.

My stickers have a grey residue all over them, they look terrible!
The grey residue is the backing glue, it’s very normal. They are not damaged. The best way to address this issue which is common on this media due to its High Tack nature is to simply wipe it off. This is however a little tricky and its actually best to peel and apply the sticker in its final location and wait 24 hours for full adhesion. Then wiping from the middle of the sticker with a dry cotton cloth or towel push/wipe the adhesive off the sticker towards the edge. You will find they come up clean and look perfect. Make sure not to press too hard as you could stretch the sticker. You can do the same thing with the stickers on the sheet but the media shrinks a little so the glue is always visible around the edge and it just makes it harder to get them clean. I know they look bad but they are fine.

The reason for all this is the stickers are all cut to A4 from a much larger print roll. We cut them into A4 for shipping reasons obviously. The residue around the edge of the sticker which remains when they are kiss cut (sticker cut but not backing sheet) is picked up by the sticker sheet above when they are stored in piles and also when in the envelopes for delivery. The movement in the envelope seems to spread the glue around. There’s nothing we can do about it really other than choose normal vinyl and that wouldn’t last as long. It’s the price paid for having the stickiest version of media.

Can I get a refund?
We’d much rather fix any problems and make sure you’re happy with your order. If you have any problems or complaints, please get in touch. Our first priority is to understand the problem and fix it. If that’s not possible, we’ll give you your money back once you have returned the incorrect items unused and undamaged.

What happens if i order the wrong stickers?
Sometimes we all make mistakes. Catch us before shipping and we can sort it out there and then! It usually takes 24 hours to dispatch so act quickly and we can sort it out immediately. Unused stickers can be returned for a full refund but only once they are received in an as new condition with us. Please package them correctly for return post! You must contact us (within 14 days of receipt) and before returning them so we can let you know what to do. You will need to pay for return postage and any postage charges cannot be refunded including the charge raised for sending the stickers to you. Goods should be returned within an additional 14 days to us to enable us to process the refund. Goods received outside this time will not be refunded. Good received damaged will not be refunded.

I ordered High Tack but the text on the bottom of the stickers will still warns about low energy plastic?
This is so I do not have to produce additional artwork. The info in the delivery will confirm you have the correct product. There’s physically no difference to the appearance as both adhesives are Grey “block out”. The High Tack is just stickier.

How big are the Flags?
The flags are 66mm wide and 51mm Tall and the Flag inside the sticker just in case you want to cut it out to make it smaller is 60mm wide by 35 tall. So for the Bikers out there you can cut them to have no names and stick them to your valuable pannier space. A sharp knife is recommended!

Anything else. Anything at all!
Contact us and we will try to sort it out. We want you to be happy with your purchase.
Want some different flags and something we don’t already sell, contact us and we will see what we can do.

We are a small enterprise run for you so if you have any issues we will sort them out for you. Just drop us a line !